Corporate Production

We began providing audio services to AT&T and other large corporations many years ago.  Our expert staff understand the importance of the shows we create.  We strive for excellence and perfection in each element of the show.  Through years of experience creating successful events, we know the importance of failover solutions.  Therefore, we provide battery backup systems to power all critical equipment in the event of a power outage.  Our custom solutions always include redundancies, because we understand the importance of each presenter, each camera shot, and each slide in a presentation.   We provide more than high-quality microphones or cameras.  We provide a comfort level, and reliability.  We will always be available, and will always provide the highest level of support and technical expertise.  In a corporate setting, especially when executives are involved, minute details matter.  We know that the care taken on the initial setup, and how the technicians dress and act, are items that are invaluable to creating a successful event.