Installation & Integration

Panavid has had decades of experience delivering highly successful integrations.  The secret to our success lies with the quality of our staff.  Our Project Managers, Engineers, and Programmers have all had live production experience.  This hands-on approach allows us to quickly solve the most difficult tasks, and to know proper connection and other nuances of the audio and video gear.  We know that knowledge gained through reading a technical manual is useless without real-world know-how, and that no matter how straight-forward a specific procedure might seem in a device’s manual, its operation could be very complicated; requiring skilled technicians with the right training and expertise to get it operating at its full potential.

At Panavid, we execute both the installation and integration components of a project.  We handle all of the aspects of the job from start to finish, to guarantee the successful outcome.  We pull the cables, hang projectors and displays, and install the speakers.  After racking all equipment and installing all hardware, we complete the integration with custom programming, end-to-end testing, and verification.  All the equipment we select and install for a project is chosen to suit the unique requirements of the project. Nothing at Panavid is templated.

We also back our installations with support and maintenance contracts.  We want to ensure our clients are taken care of just as well years after the install, as when we were onsite installing the new equipment.  We work with our clients to advise them of any possible pending failures; or maintenance cycles necessary to ensure the equipment operates as new, even years into the future.