Mike Cirrito

Lead Technician

Mike has had  “the knack” for figuring out how things work and plug together for as long as he can remember. His passion for audio began in high school in Texas, where as a singer, he always seemed to be the one to have to “make it work” both at school and at church. Soon, Mike started volunteering to run the soundboard at church when he wasn’t singing. After moving to New Jersey in 1993, he started singing in a few different churches where he met some of the guys from Panavid. He started working on a few jobs with them and quickly found it to be a good fit. After 20 years, Mike’s skills have grown and matured as he’s absorbed industry knowledge from his Panavid colleagues. His unique position at Panavid allows him to also pass these skills and knowledge to others while continually learning new technology and techniques to simplify work processes to service customers better. Mike is married and has 4 daughters. He enjoys bowling and  singing at church and other ministries as often possible.