Joe Rumeau

Audio Engineer & Technical Services

Joe has had an interest in electronics and gadgets since he was about 7 years old.  As a youngster, he would disassemble broken and retired appliances in the basement at home to determine how they worked, and attempt to repair them.  He focused his attention on audio electronics specifically, and at age 12, he started to volunteer operating the sound system at church- something he continues to serve at to this day. In the 1980’s, Joe and his wife, Susan, started a sound and lighting production company, doing coffee house, concert, and play productions in the NJ area.  In 1993, Joe joined Panavid as a full-time staff member.  He enjoys supporting client needs by performing a variety of tasks including audio engineering, lighting, IT services, and repairs- “Each day is a new adventure!”  In his leisure time, Joe enjoys hiking with his wife, traveling to national parks, motorcycle riding, and classic Vespa scooters!