The Challenges of Dinner Meetings


In the wake of the ‘less is more age’, pharmaceutical companies are consistently tasked with providing Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) with key messaging most relevant to their individual practices. The communication platform has become of equal importance as tight schedules and time constraints dominate a typical day for HCPs. Technology, with the convenience and creativity it affords, is proving to be a key element for attracting HCPs to programming offered in the medical field.

Brand plans tend to consist of traditional dinner speaker programs as a major platform for communicating to HCPs, however, in the wake of the Sunshine Act, great emphasis is placed on the industry to control costs while still reaching healthcare professionals with effective messaging. Speaker programs present several unique challenges associated with implementation including cost caps, and attendance to name a few. This white paper serves to provide a technological, cost-effective solution for replacing the traditional dinner speaker program.



As an alternative to dinner speaker programs, Panavid has created an in-office Virtual Lunch & Learn model utilizing HD webcasting. With this unique approach, sales representatives can coordinate a lunch meeting with their target HCPs to view the speaker program featuring a nationally recognized Key Opinion Leader (KOL). The KOL of choice would present live from our studio or from any remote location. Panavid will stream the presentation live, allowing reps to access by laptop or tablet and view alongside their HCP’s. The program will also provide an opportunity for live Q&A, polling and custom registration for client viewership tracking.


The Lunch & Learn model provides an avenue to deliver far-reaching, consistent messaging cost-effectively. The model reduces site spend, cost/need for KOL travel and guarantees the KOL never ‘caps out’ on speaking engagements.

HCPs have the opportunity to hear key messaging and engage with a respected peer of the industry, in the convenience of their office; thus reducing the time away from their practice. When appropriate, ancillary staff can also partake in the program which can create a synergistic/streamline approach to managing the healthcare of practice patients.

Sales Representatives are afforded quality and rare interaction with targeted HCP’s. Our clients report an increase in sales in the weeks immediately following the program, due to programming and rep face-to face time with HCP’s.
Clients can extend the reach of messaging and further drive ROI by repurposing footage of the presentation for use via video/audio sales aids, training materials, webcast archive and website use.

Great value, measurable gains and a technological advantage are key attributes to the success of the Virtual Lunch & Learn Program. Allow Panavid to create that same success for your business.