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Panavid provides services to many types of clientele, including, but not limited to:  Houses of Worship (HOW), Corporate, Education, Higher Education, and Non-profit.  We also work within many industries including, but not limited to: Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Financial, Banking, Schools, Manufacturing, Construction, Transport, Retail, Real Estate, Advertising, Oil & Gas, Marketing, Insurance, Consulting, Architectural, Restaurant, Telecommunication, Film, Accounting, and Legal Services.  We also work with companies of every size, from a single owner-operator to the highest level executive teams in some of the biggest corporations in the world.


Panavid has a rich history in both Production and Installation in the broadcast market.  Our experience in working with Fortune 100 companies and network television has gained Panavid the trust of top executives, directors, and techs to get the job done right- every time!


Panavid is renowned for partnering with many corporations, large and small.  For almost four decades, we have supported corporate shows like live events, all-employee broadcasts, and announcements.  We also install and integrate studio gear, and re-design conference spaces to suit our clients’ individual requirements.


Don’t gamble on contacting just any company for your tech needs.  Let Panavid help you design your casino spaces for maximum impact- we’re a sure bet!

Higher Education

Today’s educational institutions benefit from the latest in digital technologies.  From digital signage to the systems in auditorium spaces, Panavid understands the need to communicate ideas, and create impact through the arts.  Let us help you reach your students in a whole new way.

Cruise Ships

Panavid’s seas-oned design and install team can keep your ship’s entertainment installation on an even keel.  Float your ideas past us, and let us make your on-board tech systems be the best in the world!


Let Panavid know what ideas you’ve got cooked up for the tech environment in your restaurant, and we’ll provide you with a tasteful solution that will wow a crowd on a Live Band Thursday, or integrate audio/video/lighting tech into your décor in a way that blends invisibly while still providing the impact you desire.

Awesome Support

At Panavid, quality service is our primary objective.  Our clients may call on us, day or night, to fix any products that might malfunction.


Panavid has worked in many corporate and broadcast TV studios and understands the budget restraints of operating a studio in today’s world. Dealing with ever-changing technology can be a drain on creative resources. Let us take care of managing your studio and technology, while you work on what is important in your business.

Webcasting Services

Panavid has extensive background in producing high-end webcasts.  We create solutions that involve multiple metrics and interactive ideas to engage your far-end audience, immersing them in the experience, and bringing them into the room.  Whether you need a simple outbound stream, or two-way communication with polling and other interactivity, we have the tools and experience to get the job done right.