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Panavid has compiled a list of helpful tips that address many of the challenges and difficulties facing our industry.

The Challenges of Dinner Meetings

THE CHALLENGES OF DINNER MEETINGS In the wake of the ‘less is more age’, pharmaceutical companies are consistently tasked with providing Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) with key messaging most relevant to their individual practices. The communication platform has become of equal importance as tight schedules and time constraints dominate a typical day for HCPs. Technology, with […]


10 Points On Microphones In Installed Systems

Permanently installed microphone systems apply to spaces where speech needs amplification. The perfect system should be natural sounding and provide high speech intelligibility. There are many contributing factors to great installed sound systems – including the microphone, room acoustics and background noise. This article will give you tips to ensure that the sound in space […]


Digital and Analog Mixers

Digital and Analog Mixers The mixing console or “mixer” is a central component of most sound systems. In fact, the mixer used will have a large influence on the operability and efficiency of the entire system. One of the first decisions that will have to be made when designing a new sound system is whether […]


What is Sound?

What is Sound? Before we discuss sound equipment and systems, let’s take a look at sound itself. Keeping it as brief and as simple as possible, we’ll explain the basics you need for a full understanding of the content that follows.   Figure: Variations in Air Density Create Sound Sound is Basically Vibrating Air Figure: […]